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The Expert Guides
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PT Gazell   Click for more on PT
Strengths: Half-valved diatonic playing, standards and jazz, recording and engineering
Ross Garren   Click for more on Ross
Strengths: Chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, arranging, orchestrating and production, harmony/piano, orchestral (bass and chord) harmonicas
Jason Ricci    Click for more on Jason
Strengths: Blues, rock, cosmic forces; virtuosic diatonic, exciting stage performance, leading a band, amps & effects way beyond traditional, music theory.
Winslow Yerxa   Click for more on Winslow
Strengths: Jazz, celtic, blues; chromatic, diatonic, tremolo harmonicas; learning new skills, arranging, music theory, clear explanations of complex topics.
Jason Ricci jason_grin90.jpg Ross Garren Richard Sleigh Buzz Krantz
Special guest star Buzz Krantz
Strengths: Sympathetic and perceptive counseling to beginners and even-handed jam leading are only the beginning of the phenomenon that is Buzz. Playing Chicago blues with a jazz-tinged edge, Buzz is widely known as the Santa Claus of the blues and, to thousands of us, a close personal friend. Outrageous good humor somehow mix seamlessly with kindness and self-awareness borne of experience, along with many other qualities make Buzz the uncle we all wish we had.