Sponsors for 2016
Watch this space as we announce new sponsors for the Spring 2016 Harmonica Collective
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Rockin' Ron's rockin' logo
Rockin' Ron's Music - Rockin' Ron Hobdy offers a wide selection, great prices, and phenomenally fast shipping on harmonicas and related products. He's also a Harmonica Collective sponsor since 2014. Harmonica players in the know go to Ron as their first stop, and stick around for his great service. Click to visit his new website.
Lone Wolf Blues logo
Lone Wolf Blues - Randy Landry and company makes a range of Mooncat-approved pedals, effect, and amplifiers specifically engineered for harmonica players. Lone Wolf is an EXHIBITOR at the Collective showing their wares. You can try, and you can buy at a 15% discount!
Blue Moon Harmonicas logo logo
Blue Moon Harmonicas - Tom Halchak designs and builds pro-level harmonica combs, designed for excellence in performance and appearance, in addition to building complete harmonicas. Tom will be at the Spring 2016 Collective with products for sale. While Tom can offer plenty of great insight on harmonica building - and will give a seminar on harmonica combs - he's also there to soak up all the great info and advice being offered by the Expert Guides
Blowsmeaway logo logo
BlowsMeAway Productions - Greg Heumann builds functional, beautiful, excellent sounding harmonica microphones for such diverse artists as jazz master Toots Thielemans, blues master Charlie Musselwhite, and our own Jason Ricci. Greg will have several products available for sale at the Collective, although he himself won't be able to join us (at least not this time . . . .).
Seydel logo
Seydel & Soehne - continues to innovate by reimagining existing forms for new purposes, while building excellent quality products. They'll be sending some cool harmonicas for the Saturday auction and raffle. (They're also supplying the lanyards for attendee badges.)
Turboharp logo
Turboharp - When he's not busy designing artificial hearts, Jim Antaki has been at the forefront of harmonica research for over two decades, working at first with Hank Bahnson, MD, on the physiology of harmonica playing and more recently in designing new harmonicas both to extend the capabilities of the harmonica and to design completely new instruments with electronic capabilities. We'll be featuring his TurboSlide harmonica - with a whammy bar that changes the pitch of several reeds at once, his ELX electronic harmonica with built-in optical sensor pickups for each reed that convert vibrations into electrical signals, and the Sotto Voce, a practice harmonica that lets you play at reduced volume as you work out new licks without disturbing others.
Brendan Power logo
Brendan Power - When he's not playing amazing music, Brendan is dreaming up new ways to build harmonicas. His latest is the Twin Harmonica - two harmonicas (chromatics but also diatonics) yoked together to create octave and tremolo chromatics, all-bending chromatics, chromatics with special trills and chords, and much more! He's sending us two of his high-performance 3D-printed solid combs for Suzuki 12-hole and Hohner CX-12 chromatics. These will be auctioned to lucky new owners.