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Jason Ricci
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Jason Ricci
Jasonís uncompromising musicianship is coupled with a deep desire to share and help others reach excellence in all aspects of harmonica activities: playing the instrument, optimizing the instrument itself, coupling the harmonica with amplification equipment, and placing it in the context of performing with other musicians and for audiences.
Jason has been an active supporter of SPAH, the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica, has participated as an instructor in Jon Gindickís Harmonica Jam Camp and Hill Country Harmonica, and founded and organized the Harmonica Blues Blowoff and the Rockers in the Rockies teaching event. The Harmonica Collective represents the latest chapter in his quest to bring harmonica knowledge to eager players who want to step up their game.
Jason overcomes his natural shyness to talk about himself:
Now I get to brag something I rarely do in public! Yeah!
I have been touring and playing since I was 21. I'm 39 now...Won a bunch of contests, played with Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, Big Al and The Heavy Weights, and my own band. The harmonica has taken me all over the world! I put out two records for Delta Groove. The second was nominated for Best Blues Rock Album of the year by the Blues Foundation and in 2010 I won The BMA from the Blues Foundation for Best Harmonica Player. I've recorded with tons of great players like Ana Popovic, Nick Curran (RIP), Johnny Winter (RIP), Cedric Burnside, Shawn Kellerman and many, many more. This one is almost embarrassing to repeat anywhere, but in several recent interviews Johnny Winter called me "the best thing happening in blues right now". Had to write it none the less! MEOW

I love teaching more than anything these days. I do Skype lessons all day every day. I can teach all kinds of cool ways to break stagnant plateaus with scales, chord observations and break downs. I can show y'all cool ways to use overblows and other notes so you can later put together your own licks with them. I specialize in teaching a language that you will later use for your OWN voice your own licks. I can teach you how to make rhythm, harmony and melody your new muses. I want to get you to the point where those things become your new Sonny Boy, Little Big Walter and Butterfield! I have a ton of instructional YouTube videos.

My main harmonica influences are Pat Ramsey, Adam Gussow, Carlos del Junco, Little Walter, Butterfield, Madcat, and Paul Linden.
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Jason Ricci teaching third position major
Jason Ricci performing with JJ Appleton
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